Curb@Home Travel Conversation Campaign Starts This August!

Curb the Congestion’s new travel conversation campaign, Curb@Home, will engage residents in the Mill Creek area at their doorstep—around 5,000 of them! The campaign will help residents explore new ways of getting around their neighborhood by choosing smarter trips.

A trained team of Travel Advisors will be in the Mill Creek neighborhood doing outreach from July 31 – September 15. Travel Advisors will talk with residents about:

  • Your experience getting around your neighborhood and beyond
  • Local transportation options including bus, ridesharing, bike and walking options
  • How to make the most of your local trips

Residents that choose to try a smart transportation option will also receive resources to get them started such as personalized trip planning assistance, travel options maps, ORCA cards and bicycle safety lights.

Earn Rewards: You are also eligible to get $100 or more by logging your smart trips on the Curb the Congestion online calendar. 

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Click here to see if your home is included in the Curb@Home campaign.

Live outside the campaign boundary? You can still earn rewards with Curb the Congestion!

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Caryn Walline

TDM & Outreach Supervisor