Bringing You Home

For 40 years, Community Transit has been honored to provide safe, reliable and friendly service to Snohomish County.

We've come a long way in four decades! Our fleet has grown to include Swift Blue Line, Washington State's first bus rapid transit line with an innovative bike rack system, Double Tall buses with big views and a small footprint, DART (Dial-A-Ride Transit) and Vanpool vehicles.

BringingYouHomeRiderCarlosCommunity Transit provides nearly 10 million passenger boardings per year across one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Thank you to the people that make it possible for us to serve our community ... our riders. We are honored with the responsibility you have entrusted in us to take you out into the world each day, and to bring you home again.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing rider stories from all of our services. From commuters to students to seniors, we are excited to share their stories of connection: with opportunity, with community, with family, and with themselves. Look for those stories here and on our blog. We hope you enjoy them!

Meet Carlos, who not only relies on us to get him to and from work in downtown Seattle, he regularly brings his small children on board. Being a one-car family means Carlos and his kids rely on transit to get groceries, go to the bank, run errands, and have fun. "It's not hard at all to navigate transit with kids. We go to the grocery store all the time and can manage three bags of groceries with the stroller. We also like to take the 115 or 116 to Alderwood Mall to run around. There are a couple of drivers that are really friendly and say hi to the kids and ask what we're up to that day." Read more about Carlos' story on the blog.